In the products of Scanegg the egg is in its best form

The egg products of Scanegg are products made of certified fresh hen eggs, which simplify work by saving time, space and money. The products of Scanegg are ready to use without wasting time on breaking the egg shells and without hard work. Thanks to the absence of the shells, egg shell waste and loss of raw materials are history. The products of Scanegg have even quality and are safe, pasteurising and high-level hygiene exclude also the risk of salmonella. The products of Scanegg stay fresh well and take less space in the warehouse than the regular eggs. – The egg products of Scanegg combine the freshness, convenience of use and healthiness of hen eggs without losses and unnecessary work.

Egg products save time, work and money

Egg has an important role in the recipes of bakery and culinary industry. Using the ready-to-use and hygienic egg products of Scanegg in place of the traditional eggs in shell allows saving significantly: there are no losses, no excess work and it also saves space and time. The even quality of the egg products of Scanegg and their recognized security of supply allow the client to organise their production flexibly.